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Montana Roots Ladies America V-Neck Tee - (Limited Edition)

What better way to celebrate your love for Montana and‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂ??ö_̴‰ö_Ì__‰ö_̴‰ö_̩?‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_‰ö_‰äÊåÂåµ_‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_‰ö_‰äÊåÂ??Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_‰ö_̴‰ö_̩_?‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂ??ö_̴‰ö_Ì__‰ö_̴‰ö_̩?‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_‰ö_‰äÊåÂåµ_‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_‰ö_‰äÊåÂ??Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_ÌÄ??ö_‰ۢåÂå£??‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_‰ö_‰äÊåÂåµ_‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_‰ö_‰äÊåÂ??Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_‰ö_̴‰ö_̩_?‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂ??ö_̴‰ö_Ì__‰ö_̴‰ö_̩?‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦ÌÄå¢_‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂå¡ÌÄå¦_‰Û_Ìã‰ö_‰âÂ??ö_‰ä´åÂå¢?‰ö_̴‰ö_å¢?‰ö_‰ۢ_America than a Special Edition Independence Tee from Wear Your Roots clothing! Perfect for your upcoming 4th of July celebrations.

Made of TriBlend jersey fabric, this preshrunk, extremely soft, extra comfortable, and super stretchy tee is as premium as it gets.

  • 50% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 25% Rayon
  • Please Note: Juniors Sizing is Smaller than Women's in the Waist, Bust, & Hips

NOTE: We have a limited number of these instock, buy yours today to ensure size and availability!

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