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Arnica Muscle Relief Massage Oil

Made by a Massage Therapist, Dayspa Body Basics arnica and comfrey root infused Muscle Oil is used to relieve sore muscles. Arnica and comfrey have antiinflammatory and antibiotic properties that are said to provide pain relief. Arnica is also used as a topical herbal medicine for speeding the process of healing from bruises as well as other traumatic injuries. It assists in preventing bruising through making sure that the white blood cells are stimulated in order to disperse trapped fluid and blood from the injured site. Due to the effectiveness of arnica as a cure for bruising, swelling and pain, it is one of the active ingredients in most commercial creams. Additionally, arnica creams are used to treat inflammation and pain resulting from arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome. Arnica is used externally for treating overstressed and tired muscles. It is commonly used by marathon runners prior to starting a race in order to avoid stiffness and pain afterwards. Muscle Oil includes intense muscle healing essential oils to target the nerve tissues surrounding the muscle joint, creating an icy/hot sensation.

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