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If you're on your feet all day, or behind a desk you're going to love these socks.  We've heard a lot lately about compression socks and we were happy to find some that will look as good as they feel.  VIM & VIGR is a local business growing right here in Missoula!

Compression socks keep your legs feeling energized, even after a full day at work.  Using gradient pressure, so that circulation isn't cut off, VIM & VIGR socks will help energize legs, prevent swelling, alleviate aches and heaviness, prevent & reduce spider or varicose veins, and aid in muscle recovery from those long leg days at the gym.

From VIM & VIGR:

Everyone can benefit from wearing VIM & VIGR Compression Socks
  • Sitters – It only takes 90 minutes of sitting for the blood flow below your knees to decrease by 50%. This can lead to vascular injury and DVTs. (e.g. road warriors, desk jobs)
  • Standers – Being on your feet all day can cause pain, swelling, and fatigue in your legs and feet. (e.g. healthcare providers, teachers, hair stylists, flight attendants, servers)
  • Athletes – Graduated compression socks decrease exercise-induced muscle soreness and shorten recovery times. (e.g. runners, bikers, yogis)
  • Pregnant Women – The increased blood volume and pressure from a growing uterus can inhibit blood flow and cause swollen and tired feet and varicose veins.

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