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Mother's Day Profile - Kate From Great Falls

As we approach Mother's Day we will profile 5 different Montana Mom's. We asked each Montana Mom four questions. These are their answers, unedited.

Today we meet Kate.  Thank you Kate for telling us about yourself and your piece of Montana!


Where are you from? How did you come to be where you are?  
I am originally from Bend Oregon. I moved to Montana about 4 years ago. I have wanted to move to MT since I was very young. Im a huge outdoors person and thought it was beautiful!  My husband and I thought it was a now or never move. We applied for jobs, He got a job in Wildland firefighting and I got a job as a flight paramedic.  We LOVE MT!

How has Montana shaped the way you are raising your kids?  
As stated before we are huge outdoors people from hiking to horseback riding, hunting ect. We want our child (Colton) to love it as well. Enjoying life to the fullest. I was a teacher and believe that exercise and hard work are important to a persons character! 

Where is your favorite place in Montana? 
We love the Bitterroot valley and Whitefish. The area is so beautiful!  So much country to explore. 

What do you think of our partners who have turned their hobby into their living? 
I love how you have incorporated this state into your dream. We are proud MT people.