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Mother's Day Profile - Chayleen From Cascade

As we approach Mother's Day we will profile 5 different Montana Mom's. We asked each Montana Mom four questions. These are their answers, unedited.

Today we meet Chayleen.  Thank you Chayleen for telling us about yourself and your piece of Montana!


Where are you from? How did you come to be where you are?  
I am originally from Cascade, MT.  I moved back to my hometown of Cascade to raise my son in the community that I was raised in two years ago.  We moved from St. Paul, Minnesota and were beyond excited to get back to the simple way of life in God's country!

How has Montana shaped the way you are raising your kids?  
Once I became a mom I knew I needed to get back to Montana. The way of life and the people make it amazing.  I have always felt that appreciation and strong work ethic is something that Montana people possess.  I also wanted my son to grow up with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors the way I did.  From family camping trips to Seely Lake, annual hunting trips with siblings, fishing the Missouri River every night after work with my dad, to being able to walk to Nana and Papa's for a daily visit.  

Where is your favorite place in Montana?  
My favorite place in Montana is on the Smith River not too far from where I grew up.  Growing up, my family and I would go camping here.  The location is private property, so never having to worry about neighbors at a camp ground and being completely secluded with no television or cell phone service is the perfect get away.  

What do you think of our partners who have turned their hobby into their living? 
I think it is absolutely amazing!! I feel like they took the love for our wonderful state of Montana and made items available to represent it.  This is reflection of the wonderful people in this great state we are fortunate to call home and the driven individuals that live in it!