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Mother's Day Profile - Hylarie from Helena

As we approach Mother's Day we will profile 5 different Montana Mom's. We asked each Montana Mom four questions. These are their answers, unedited.

Today we meet Hylarie. Thank you Hylarie for telling us about yourself and your piece of Montana!

Where are you from? How did you come to be where you are?  
So I was born and raised in Missoula, and several generations were from and lived there.  I grew up with all my cousins since all the family lived in Missoula.  Went to Lewis and Clark, Washington Middle school and Sentinel.  Then I went to UM and got a BS in chemistry and a BA in Sociology with a minor in criminology.  I met my husband my freshman year at UM and we got married my junior year.  My senior year he joined the Highway Patrol and got stationed in Big Fork so when I graduated I moved to Kalispell with him.  While there I went to Flathead Valley Community College and became an X-ray tech.  My husband has joked that if I could I would be a professional student.  We lived there for six years having our first son, Derrick, in 2006 at Kalispell Regional Medical Center and our second son, Wyatt, in 2010 at North Valley Hospital in Whitefish.  In 2010 my husband got a promotion and we moved to Helena where we currently live.  I worked at the hospital here until I managed to talk my husband into a third baby and we were completely surprised with not only twins but twin boys in 2013!  So now I am a mostly stay at home mom who works occasionally at an orthopedist office.  That's my long answer to #1!

How has Montana shaped the way you are raising your kids?  
Montana is an amazing place to raise kids!  Where we live now we are 30 minutes from a family cabin on Stemple Pass and the kids love going up there!  The woods, the creek and walking up to meadows where we try to catch a glimpse of elk or deer!  Wyatt is already saying he wants to go hunting when he is big like Daddy and Derrick is counting down the years until he can take hunters safety!  They also love to go to the lakes!  In the summer we'll go to local lakes here occasionally and sometimes Seeley or Swan Lake!  We love to go camping but don't get out as much as we would like.  I would like to get the boys outside more right now but I'm waiting for the weather to get a little bit nicer so it's easier with the twins!  I have always wanted my kids to be a great example of the people of Montana when they grow up!  Respectful, always there to lend a helping hand to others, and be able to enjoy the outdoors while being mindful of the wildlife and land!  

Where is your favorite place in Montana?  
It's difficult to pick my favorite place in Montana.  There are so many places that I love!  But I think my very favorite place in Montana is the cabin on Stemple Pass!  Even just driving up there I can feel my stress level going down!  Maybe it's the combination of the memories, family and wilderness but it is amazing!  Warm fires in the wood stove, a cool fresh breeze coming in through the windows, the quiet afternoons reading books with my grandma.  We have a family reunion up there every summer, set up a folf course in the woods, play horseshoes, eat good food and play games!  There is no better place and I love sharing that love with my kids!!

What do you think of our partners who have turned their hobby into their living? 
I am so amazed and impressed with people who have been able to turn their hobby into their living!  And a little jealous!   I have some amazing friends here in Helena who have done that.  One has a jewelry business, one makes amazing cake pops and another has started a fantastic specialty backing business making allergen friendly treats!  It just seems to embody the Montana way of life, making a living doing something you love!!