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Mother's Day Profile - Megan from Helena

As we approach Mother's Day we will profile 5 different Montana Mom's. We asked each Montana Mom four questions. These are their answers, unedited.

Today we meet Megan.  Thank you Megan for telling us about yourself and your piece of Montana!

Where are you from? How did you come to be where you are?  
I was born and raised in Eastern Montana.  After graduating from Sidney High School in 2000, I headed to Missoula and spent over ten years there.  I met my husband in the dish pit of a downtown Missoula pub, and we have moved over a dozen times since our 2008 marriage!  We bounced around from Missoula to Bozeman, Butte, Sidney, Ennis and Manhattan before finally settling in Helena in 2012 and buying our first home last summer.  Part of our nomadic lifestyle was due to college (switching  majors, etc.), and some of the choices we made were based on my husband’s military service.  He is with the 1-189 (Aviation Unit based out of Helena) and that’s what really drew us to the capital.  We had never considered Helena before, but it’s the perfect blend of Butte’s architecture, Missoula’s community spirit and Bozeman’s polished downtown.  It’s teeming with young professionals with families, so it’s a great fit for us.  Plus the job market here is fantastic!

How has Montana shaped the way you are raising your kids?  
Since my husband and I were both born and raised in Montana, we felt that raising our kids anyplace else would deprive them of the experiences that shaped our lives.  Our children will benefit from all that Montana has to offer:  countless outdoor activities, plenty of room to roam, access to great museums and local artists, strong community roots and great educational opportunities.  It can be tough to make ends meet while raising a family, and we have both made sacrifices where our careers are concerned.  In the grand scheme of things, our sacrifices pale in comparison to what we’d sacrifice by moving away from our beloved Montana! 

Where is your favorite place in Montana?  
Choosing a favorite place in Montana is pretty tough, but I would say Missoula tops my list.  So much of my adult life was spent there that I will always think of it as home in many ways.  I met my husband there, got my education there, and forged lifelong friendships with people who came into my life there.  I got my start as a photographer in Missoula, shooting local and touring bands and taking advantage of all that the arts community has to offer.  My mother recently sold her longtime home in Sidney and bought a place outside Missoula, so now we have an excuse to visit more often! 

What do you think of our partners who have turned their hobby into their living? 
I am so proud of the entrepreneurial spirit of my fellow Montanans.  The quality and variety of the art produced here is unsurpassed.  I’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented clothing and jewelry designers, artists, musicians, photographers and stylists during my career and I’m always blown away by the sheer prowess and dedication I encounter.  It’s inspiring to see people like myself, juggling family and work and everything else, bootstrapping and becoming successful in their endeavors.  Honestly, it’s a huge driving force in my own life and I’m more motivated than ever to put every ounce of energy into my business of art.