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Mother's Day Profile - Autumn Badovinac

As we approach Mother's Day we will profile 5 different Montana Mom's. We asked each Montana Mom four questions. These are their answers, unedited.

We begin the week with Autumn Badovinac from Butte.  Thank you Autumn for answering our call!

Where are you from? How did you come to be where you are?
I am currently in Butte, have been my whole life. 4 generations strong! I lived in Missoula for a couple years, but it seems so crazy compared to Butte. I like the slow pace small town lifestyle.

How has Montana shaped the way you are raising your kids?
I love raising my kids here. I feel they can walk down the street and I don't have to worry about their well being. Being outdoors is huge part of our winters, summers and spring. There is so much to offer, great activities I hope my children pass on to theirs. I also love that life is somewhat sheltered here.

Where is your favorite place in Montana?
I absolutely love the Big Hole Valley. I love Glacier, and Discovery Ski Basin. But the whole state has my heart. 

What do you think of our partners who have turned their hobby into their living?
I love it! I love all the MT products and I love to support local businesses!it also helps  me keep my dream of owning a business alive!