Friday Links For March 21st, 2014 - The News Around Montana

Matt LaPalm

Each Friday we will try to provide some links to news in Montana.  We would love to hear your feedback!


St. Patricks Day Photo Gallery - Montana Standard

Nobody celebrates St. Patrick’s like Butte America.  If you’ve never been, you are missing out on a great celebration of more than just Irish heritage.  In Butte, it seems to go deeper.  This is a celebration of Butte’s past and seemingly more so with every year, Butte’s future.  Here’s to you, Mining City!

Wester Art Week Guide In Great Falls - Great Falls Tribune
One of Montana’s crown jewels is our artistic heritage. It certainly runs deep in each product in our shop. This weekend sounds like a pretty great time to be in Great Falls!

A Post-Apocolyptic Great Falls? - Great Falls Tribune
A little fun from the folks at Google.  Try it on your street!

State Employees to Help Fight Cancer During Hoops Tourney - Helena Air
We’ve got a little March Madness running through us this week, and they are putting the madness to work in Helena. What a great idea to turn a fun event into a charitable one too.  

Old School Revival - Flathead Beacon
Find your passion, turn it into your livelihood. Thats what Connor Crevier is doing, and that’s what we celebrate.  Good luck Connor!

Flying off the shelves: Library scrambles to keep pace with its success - Billings Gazette
You’ve heard it before, “if you build it, they will come”. Many congratulations to Billings’ success, and may it inspire all of our towns to build great public spaces.